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Mike Hedrick

Mike Hedrick is an author, photographer, copywriter, journalist, blogger, and a pretty awesome dude.

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Thought Catalog

Digital Ghosts: Death And Social Media | Thought Catalog

...Over 3,995,000 people have passed who were on Facebook this year alone.

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Thought Catalog

An Interview With Myself Regarding The Release Of My eBook, 'Schizophrenic Connections'

Rob is basically an amalgam of myself, the self I wish I was, and the horror stories I’d heard about my condition. In essence he’s me and the journey he goes on pretty much parallels what I did whe......

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24 Things To Watch On TV This Halloween

Staying in this year? Maybe you're gonna hand out candy to those weird little crazy people that come to your door in search of sugar. Maybe you didn't get invited to any Halloween parties because y......

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Social Media And The Rise Of The Internet Validation Culture

This speaks to a phenomenon that not a lot of people discuss and is, for the most part, overlooked as a normal facet of living in today’s world. That phenomenon is the deep, seemingly unquenchable ......

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Thought Catalog

How To Be A Wildman

In the woods, one can breathe. In the woods, there is awareness, a fully conscious idea of what it means to be alive....